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The GNS is a group of industrial companies with more than 50 years of experience, specialized in the development of products and solutions for the aluminum joinery industry.

We offer innovative solutions adapted to the consumers needs around of world. All GNS employees share the enthusiasm for a common project of growth and continuous improvement, so we say that Aluminum is in our DNA.

We are committed to contribute to the future development of our community, the industry, and the “made in Portugal” brand, It has always represented a quality product worldwide and has been a flag that companies of our group carried with pride over all this time.

The Quality of Our Products

All our products are subjected to the most demanding quality tests. Each of the different product lines is certified and approved in accordance with the requirements of CE marking. The primacy of quality that we put into each product we manufacture begins with the careful selection of our raw material suppliers.

Innovation and Product Development

Supported by our research and product development department, we develop solutions tailored to the real needs of the market, following with the major trends in design, economy and comfort. Through the partnerships we have developed with universities, we develop products to awaken new needs.

Exclusivity and Patents

Developing innovative products with high value in exclusivity and protection of industrial property, we patent those with the greatest potential, defending our clients and distributors. At this time our group of companies holds the patent of the main lock sold in the Iberian Peninsula (7715), and we are the only manufacturer of passive ventilation system in Portugal – ANCOVENT.

Customer Service

For us, the customer always comes first. Through widely experienced manufacturing methods, we ensure the shipment of any order within a maximum of one week term. We have developed a strong product training component to the clients of our customers. Through our technical department, in broad agreement with the commercial area, we support our customers in any situation.

Training and Skills Development

All the different teams and sectors of the company are involved in a continuous and demanding process of continuous training in order to equip the different areas of the company with differentiating knowledge at the manufacturing process and product.


Single point and multipoint locks, handles, cremones, accessories, hinges, tilt and turn systems with or without micro-ventilation, in GNS we have everything necessary for the manufacture of doors and windows in aluminum profile. A complete range of high quality products, giving powerful arguments to our customers for excellent business opportunities.

Last years, our engineers have presented and patented a variety of products with high innovation level and we are still doing it year after year, providing a substantial range of solutions in an extremely demanding market and a high technical level.

From the best raw materials, sush as aluminium, steel and stainless steel, selecting the most suitable surface treatment, zinc plating, electrostatic painting or anodizing, with mounting components such as screws and springs exclusively in stainless steel, with controlled production processes with an efficient and well-trained staff, we ensure long life to our products and trust and satisfaction to our customers.