A partnership for security

As our company tradition, when we do not produce a product, carefully select our partners in order to supply the market with the best solutions in terms of quality, price ,reliability, warranty and performance.
GNS by SAVIO - Anti- Panic Devices Solutions, it is a broad partnership between two renowned companies, joining the coverage and market deployment of GNS brand with the production know-how of Savio panic devices, in order to bring to the market and a quality solution and warranty.
We present a wide range of products with functional and discreet design, certified and approved to more than 2,000,000 cycles , developed to answer to the highest standards of functional safety and anti -bacterial, through the coating to silver ions that helps to reduce bacterial level to 99.9% .

Be with the best. Be with GNS and Savio - A partnership for security. See Catalogue

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