Acquisition of GNS by Sotralu Group

The acquisition of the Portuguese group GNS allows the European specialist in aluminum fittings to complement their ranges by proposing all the innovative and necessary solutions for the profile equipment.

February 15, 2018 – In a few years, Sotralu Group has become one of the European leaders in fittings for aluminum frames. The acquisition of the GNS Group is part of it’s development strategy, with the aim of complementing its range of products in the new export markets, thus consolidating its leading position in Europe. Following the merger with Erreti in 2012, Sotralu Group is carrying out its second foreign growth operation on the European continent. As a result of this acquisition, our group currently has a turnover of approximately EUR 35 million from the 3 operational sites in France, Italy and Portugal and reinforces its status as a European specialist in fittings and locks for aluminum window frames . Being the GNS product range a value added, very complementary to that of the Sotralu Group, this acquisition will allow its customers to benefit from all the innovative accessories needed for the aluminum window equipment. "Present in the most dynamic markets, namely China, India, the Middle East ..., Sotralu Group is the reference partner of the largest industrial and process development engineers. Recognized for its quality culture, logistics and innovation (the group devotes 5% of its annual turnover to R&D and owns several patents), Sotralu Group bets on the industrial excellence "Made in Europe" to reinforce its parts market in Europe and take on new positions in the fast-growing export markets, "explains Thierry Sainte-Claire Deville, President of Sotralu Group.

By combining and creating synergies between the specific competencies of the southern European industrial countries in the design, manufacture and marketing of aluminum window fittings, the group offers a very complete range of innovative products that meet all manufacturers' needs designers of aluminum window frames. The latest products launched, or still in the process of being launched, are the particularly simple installation Oscilo Rinova Stopper, the intuitive handle Novem, the minimalist handle Rasata and soon a solution of hidden hinges and a revolutionary new lock for aluminum sliding.


 About Sotralu Group :

European specialist in fittings and locks for aluminum window frames, Sotralu Group brings together the brands Erreti, GNS and Sotralu. Following the resumption of Sotralu by Thierry Sainte-Claire Deville in 2007, the company became a group with an internationalization strategy based, in particular, on specific external growth operations. Sotralu Group currently has a turnover of around 35 million euros (of which 50% for export) in 3 operational sites in France, Italy and Portugal and has 200 employees.


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